My Workbook Takes All The Ideas Out Of Your Head So You Can Get The Interior Design Results You Want—The First Time Around

This simple process will take you from where you’re at:
“I’ll know it when I see it”
  to “Ah, ha! That’s IT! I love it!”


Allison Jaffe’s Foolproof HOME Design Workbook

If you’d like to cut through the clutter and take your best ideas out of your head so you can make your house a home…


$97 $27


Are You Serious About Interior Design
And Want To Get It Perfect The First Time?


Sadly, many folks who remodel their home think they’re creating an amazing space, only to realize too late the ideas which looked so great on paper just don’t work in reality. Afterall…

No one wants to mutter, “We really should have done that differently,” every time they enter a room. This can be incredibly frustrating… especially if you’re going to have to live with it for the next 30 years.

The decisions you make now (whether you hire an interior designer or not), determine whether you will succeed or not. It’s all based on the foundational work you do today.

Envision This Outcome For Your Remodel

You’re entertaining your family and friends and they won’t stop raving about your home…

How well the space flows…
How peaceful and functional everything is…
How well the colors and lines all work together…

You did it!

You’ve become one of the rare few who actually got your home’s interior design RIGHT.

What’s more, having a highly functional and peaceful environment in which to live means you’re able to operate from a higher level.

You’ve put to bed the worry, anxiety, doubt, confusion and frustrations so many feel when undertaking an interior design quest.


Living In Your Newly Designed Home Can Be The Greatest Feeling In The World... 

I know because I’ve lived it.

My name is Allison Jaffe.

I’ve been fortunate enough to personally design some of the most beautiful homes in Austin, Texas.

And over the past decade my interior design firm has been honored to accept 23 awards for our home design work!

Now—with my workbook below—you can use this same award-winning approach to plan out your next home remodel or interior design project.

Interior Design Awards

Here are just a few of the hundreds of people I’ve had the pleasure of creating a wonderful living space for:

Brio Photography

Austin, TX

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to see many design projects by Allison Jaffe over the years. I’ve always admired the way she orchestrates an atmosphere. Her work encompasses authentic style and is not just random elements thrown together in a room. Her ability to work with her tradesmen to take a home from concept, demolition, to the final installation is masterful. I also appreciate her use of color and texture. She’s great at combining different elements to create beautiful, elegant and thoughtfully functional spaces. She’s thorough, responsive and has a keen eye for detail.

I highly recommend her.”

“Allison Jaffe was such a pleasure to work with when we were remodeling our powder bath. She was mindful of our limited budget and helped us with selecting vendors that were able to provide premium products at reasonable prices. We appreciated her input on some key design decisions that hadn’t even crossed our minds. These small changes made the difference between a run of the mill bathroom makeover and the ‘wow inducing’ results that we got instead. I would recommend Allison for anyone that needs help with any sort of design needs; she is competent, friendly and has that keen eye and creativity to make your project truly spectacular.”

Meg H.
Austin, TX

Flat Creek Cabinet

Wimberley, TX

“Flat Creek Cabinet has partnered with Allison Jaffe on many design projects around Austin. It’s always a pleasure working with her. She is focused & dedicated to her work and brings creativity and exceptional insight to every project. I would recommend Allison to anyone looking for creative Interior Design solutions.”

The Process of Taking All the Ideas Out of Your Head and Getting Your Home Designed right Is Easier Than You Think!

BUT only if you know exactly what to do and have the right framework to get you there.

When I became an interior designer, I realized I’d have to draw on my background in neuropsychology.

Using that background, I developed a powerful workbook for design clients that draws out specific information about:







Family and



Without revealing all my secrets here, this workbook takes what’s in your mind and puts it all down on paper in an orderly fashion!

By asking the right questions, this workbook and process makes sure you don’t miss important details, while you learn to identify themes that will tie each room together.

Revolutionized MY LIFE and Business
(And My Career!)

Over the next few years I refined the workbook –
and watched my career take off like a rocket!

Each new project I took on was bigger than the last:

Bigger budgets.
More square footage.
More pressure…

Of course all the feelings you’re experiencing now about designing your home are compounded as a designer, because if I didn’t do my job well,
I’d be letting down my client.

But you know what happened?

I stuck to the workbook.

Despite the “messiness” of the creative process, the more I used this workbook, and asked the correct questions, sticking to this format, the right answers kept appearing!

LET ME Help You Get Your Home Design RIGHT…

Over the past years, I’ve spoken to countless folks who are still feeling overwhelmed. Distracted by the millions of options and choices. There’s a lot of frustration and confusion when it comes to interior design.

I realized that I couldn’t personally design every home,
but I could share this powerful 30-page workbook with you…


Allison Jaffe’s Foolproof HOME Design Workbook

If you’d like to cut through the clutter and take your best ideas out of your head so you can make your house a home…


$97 $27


Finally! Now You Can Enjoy Absolute Clarity On What You Want Your Home to Feel Like...

This workbook is highly effective on its own. Yet, to make your decision even easier, I decided to give you a couple of these “fast-action” BONUSES:


FREE with your workbook, I’ll give you a detailed “walk-through” of why this workbook process is so powerful, and show you precisely how I guide my high net worth clients through the design process!

The video shows you how to set yourself up for success by asking questions that help you find your best ideas and put them on paper, giving you a space and home you’ll want to spend the rest of your life in.


I’ve given you a detailed walkthrough of how to structure and create an idea book so you’ll make the best use of your time as you work toward your goal!


You’ll get my best teaching on how you can build a highly effective mood board.

Plus you’ll get an insiders look at what I do with my private clients to create a mood board that conveys the right theme for your home.


I’ll also teach you how to think about and draw your floor plan so that you don’t make a mistake, only to find out too late in the remodel process. Get it right the first time!


Finally, I’ll highlight how to think about your next steps, once you’ve completed your workbook, and help provide some relief for any remaining overwhelm.

Here’s the thing:

Clients routinely write me checks for $25,000 or more to have me by their side.

If you and I were to work together, the minimum investment would be $5,000. And just for an initial home visit, I charge $400.

These fees aren’t to brag, they help me manage the high number of requests which come in every week, and ensure that when I do take on a client they get my best work. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time in the day to work with every homeowner who reaches out to me.

So what do you think having my entire creative process with a video of me explaining how to use it would be worth?

Of course, if you consider how much getting your home design WRONG can cost, this workbook is worth thousands of dollars…

But, thE REGULAR price for this valuable tool is just $97 $27 for a short time.

$97 $27


Interior Design Awards

This Workbook Has Given Me Hundreds Of Happy Reviews and Satisfied Customers...

Pooja and Rahul P.


“We hired Allison after looking at her work to remodel our kitchen. This was our first remodel project so we had no clue what we were doing or wanted. Allison was able to design our dream kitchen and was great to work with. We LOVE how it turned out :)”

“I have worked with Allison for over a year. Allison not only does extraordinarily beautiful and functional designs, she operates her business with a very high degree of integrity. Her dedication to her client’s satisfaction is unparalleled. I highly recommend her as a designer and a business professional.”

Mark Yeagly, Lighting Inc.




“Allison’s designs are incredible! I’ve seen so much of her work first hand as a photographer for interior designs. The detail that goes into it all results in a very cohesive and thought out design. Her remodels are always highly functional and livable. She has a great rapport with her clients and is attentive to detail.”

If I’m Hiring A Designer Do I Still Need Allison’s Workbook?

Completing my workbook prior to hiring a designer can also save you money, because it gives you clarity on making all the decisions surrounding your home.

Some would argue completing the workbook is even MORE important when you’re hiring a designer…

  • Especially when you’re getting charged by the hour. 
  • Especially when change orders can easily derail your project with escalating fees and frustration.
  • Especially when your home is mid-construction and everyone’s eager to be done with the chaos!

Let’s be real: No Matter Why You’re Updating Your Home …
Chances Are You Really Want:

  • To create a space to have the kids home for the holidays
  • To enjoy a smart, intuitive space to get more done with less clutter
  • Your home to evoke a very specific feeling and/or powerful emotions

Well, now you can have it all...

Get your copy of my home design workbook today, and if you aren’t absolutely impressed with your results, let us know and we’ll refund your full investment.


What Do Happy Homeowners Have To Say About Allison’s HOME DESIGN Process?

Michelle B.


“I called Allison after finding several photos of her work online and falling in love with her designs. I set up a meeting after researching several designs, and definitely felt like we found the perfect fit for our vision & remodel journey. Allison presented us with several thoughtful, impeccably designed plans for our new master bathroom—with photos of bathrooms that matched our style and complemented the rest of our house. I also appreciated her expertise and leadership in planning—she tweaked some of my choices to blend in with the home. Some of my splices would have been outdated in five years and she presented a nice blend of getting my more trendy picks with a timeless design. All of it had a little soul to it, which in the end, was the most important thing to me.
I definitely recommend!!!!!”

“Allison Jaffe and I have worked on several construction projects together. Allison has the clients’ best interests in mind as she guides them through the initial planning phase, then on to material selections and execution. Her systems and processes are designed for clients to receive a seamless design experience with her team. The experience and knowledge Allison possesses is apparent from the moment you meet her! Allison has a wealth of knowledge; she can help with everything from induction ovens to wood species! As Allison guides clients through the process of design, she and her clients work together as an important member of the same team. Allison very cleverly processes the client’s wishes while also combining her 10+ years of experience. This results in the outcome of a very happy client! I highly recommend Allison as the next designer on your project.”

Skelly Home Renovations

Yanelys T.


“I was in the middle of an ongoing remodel project and needed an interior designer. I found Allison and the first thing that caught my eye were the pictures of a particular remodel she had done. These photos spoke my language and I knew then, I wanted to work with her. I contacted her and the journey began. Allison was extremely efficient, we had our first meeting at the house and she was able to envision exactly what I wanted. Next time we met, she presented me with a sample book and nailed it. She understood my vision, which is unusual. I was very impressed at her precision and creativity, her ability to get along and professionalism. We completed the remodel and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”


How is my workbook delivered?

We’ll rush your copy of my proven workbook directly to the email you provide via PDF digital format. It’s an instant download and you can start working on this as soon as you check out. You’ll also have access to a “members only” area, where you’ll be able to access bonus videos and content.

Is there instruction on how to complete the process?

Within the workbook each section gives concise and clear instructions on how to make the most of this process. That said, I’ve created a video that talks you through the entire process, but you only get the video if you take action now!

Is there a guarantee?

That’s a great question, and we decided to take all the risk away so we can put this vital home design workbook in your hands fast: if, in the next year, you decide you don’t LOVE how the process I’ve laid out inside your PDF works, and if it doesn’t give you a great degree of clarity and guidance, you can request a FULL 100% refund anytime in the next 365 days!

When do I get access to my workbook?

As soon as your order is complete, you’ll get INSTANT digital access to my entire workbook and the fast-action BONUS video walkthrough which I’ve created just for you!

Can I work directly with Allison?

Yes, I’d love to work with you. Please contact my team here.

Put An End To The Overwhelm Of Interior Design Headaches and Enjoy Clarity and Direction NOW!

What are people saying about Allison Jaffe’s Interior Designs?​

Stuart S.


“Allison Jaffe turned our house into a dream home! We bought a house to update and remodel – we knew that we wanted to work with her based on a recommendation from a friend. She had a great understanding not only of our needs, but was also able to “get” what we wanted, showing us ideas and samples that again and again were perfect. Easy to work with, clear communication, and a creative problem solver! We recommend her to anyone looking for a great designer!!!!!!”

“Allison is a bright and determined design professional. We hired Allison to assist with a make-over of our kitchen and some interior painting. Allison did a good job upfront understanding our design preferences, wants and budget. One of Allison’s best assets is the portfolio of skilled contractors that she brings to the project. Being new to the Austin area this was critically important to us. Allision and her team are good communicators, project managers, and enjoyable to work with.”

Terry S.


Sobia A.


“I can’t say enough great things about Allison Jaffe. We began our remodeling journey with a Builder and brought in Allison to help with design and selecting finishes. Throughout this whole process, Allision was the shining star. Unfortunately the Builders left a lot to be desired but lucky for us Allison was able to step in and see our project to completion. In hindsight I would have just hired Allison for the whole project. Not only is she extremely talented and creative but she makes it a point to have a high level of integrity in all her undertakings. Allison helped us make choices that ran true to our style but were also appropriate to achieve our vision. She made sure we were an active part of the design process till the end. She is a topnotch professional and is extremely efficient. If there is something that needs to be done, she gets on it right away. She is honest and communicated to us if she felt we needed to make changes. This saved us a lot of time and money. Allison Jaffe truly has a gift for design and is a pleasure to work with. 

We highly recommend her!”

The Difference Between “Ho-Hum” and Award-Winning Design Is Found In My Workbook...

What You Get

The goal of this workbook is to take you from confusion and chaos to order and direction. To achieve this, we’ll ask you insightful questions about:




Functional Needs






Current Situation

REMEMBER: The difference between a design and an award-winning design is the PLANNING.

Very few people properly utilize the planning process I’ll lay out for you and walk you through in the training videos. But again:

That’s why very few have award-winning homes.

Interior Design Awards

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